Following the visit of the President of the Republic of Croatia to the Croatian community in Argentina and her commemorative statements,negative remarks were made, primarily by domestic, communist politicians, amid them by Efraim Zuroff, who was "disgusted" by these statements and sent her an open letter. Zuroff is known to the Croatian public for denying the genocide in Srebrenica (which is a criminal offense) and the occasional "finding" the Ustasha, mostly amongst members of HDZ when it comes to power or should come to power.

As a foreigner, a Jew and the head of the Simon Wiesenthal center in Jerusalem, Zuroff fits perfectly into the pattern of communist attempts to unconditionally show every expression of Croatian patriotism as fascist or neo-fascist. False or not, anti-fascism requires fascism, otherwise its existence makes no sense, so a "Nazi hunter" comes in handy to those who see Ustasha throughout Croatia. We believe that Zuroff has the best intentions, but judging his frequent behavior and ignorance of the facts, he turns out to be a plain and simple "useful idiot" (the expression is attributed to Lenin). Furthermore, Zuroff was decorated by Stjepan Mesić and Tomislav Nikolić. Boris Tadić, with the support of the Serbian Assembly, proposed Zuroff as a candidate for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize.

However, Zuroff obviously does not understand whom he attacks and whose useful idiot he is, so we urge him to think twice before he finds himself on common ground with Vesna Pusić, Stjepan Mesić, Ivo Josipović and so on. It is common knowledge that political parties with Yugoslav origin, reformed communists, namely SDP and HNS, continue to work on Yugoslav political platform, which means pro Palestinian, that is anti-Israeli policy.

The party leadership of SDP and HNS is highly anti-Zionist, and that means anti-Semitic. Stjepan Mesić was a personal friend of Muammar Gaddafi and with his successor Josipović worked diligently to improve relations with Arab countries. This tremendous work culminated during the reign of Zoran Milanović and Vesna Pusić, then chief of Croatian diplomacy, when all was set for Croatian recognition of Palestine. In agreement with Carl Bildt, Pusić was supposed to recognize Palestine, and in turn would have Bildt’s support for her candidacy for the UN Secretary General's election.

The victory of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović in presidential elections, and the victory of HDZ in parliamentary elections, prevented the Croatian recognition of Palestine, and ever sinceCroatian-Israeli relations are getting better. Ironically, all those who Zuroff and reformed communist portray as Ustasha or fascist, are the closest Israeli friends that can be found in Croatia, starting with President Grabar Kitarović, Defense Minister Damir Krstičević and Vice President of Croatian Parliament Milijan Brkić. On the other hand, "anti-fascists" and "liberals" are Palestinian biggest supporters and Israel's enemies. If someone actually were an “Ustasha”, he would have pro-Israeli, not pro-Palestinian views.

By sharing these political views with Croatian (Yugoslav) fifth column and falsely accusing members of HDZ for fascism, Zuroff aligns himself with the “Non-Aligned”. Unfortunately, Croats are very familiar with traitors and if he continues, Zuroff will no longer be welcome in Croatia. Also, the Israeli people know how to deal with traitors of their country and people, so it is possible for Zuroff to become even more like his "anti-fascist" (Yugoslav) friends; he could lose his homeland.


Mila Marušić